23 abril 2024

Quinto trabajo de ARSONISTS GET ALL THE GIRLS en verano.


ARSONISTS GET ALL THE GIRLS editaran este verano su quinto trabajo, «Listen To The Color». Ha sido grabado por Zach Ohren (Animosity, All Shall Perish, Decrepit Birth, Light This City) y supone el retorno al gurpo de su vocalista original, Remi Rodberg. Estos son los temas que incluira:

01. Setting Course For Disaster
02. When I Was Your Age Pluto Was Still A Planet
03. Bottle City
04. MK-ULTRA: Psychotropic Puppets
05. MK-DELTA: Glorified Killers (feat. ex-Arsonists Get All The Girls vocalist/keyboardist Cameron Reed)
06. Disease Test The Best
07. Balloon Battle
08. Listen To The Color (feat. Robby Bancroft of Five Characters In Search Of An Exit)
09. Beast Fist
10. Bardonis Chonies
11. Play The Sheep
12. My Newest Vision (feat. Rob Smith of Heavy Heavy Low Low/Downstariis)
13. Ride The Wave (feat. Garin Rosen)
14. Watchers (feat. Kevin McCaughey of Ion Dissonance)
15. Sunny Places For Shady People



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