15 abril 2024

Re-ediciones de Virgin Steele

SPV/Steamhammer re-editará el 16 de Junio dos discos de VIRGIN STEELE, concretamente los álbumes «The Marriage Of Heaven & Hell I+II» y «Invictus». Estos son los contenidos completos de las re-ediciones:

«The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell Pt. I+II» track listing:


01. I Will Come For You
02. Weeping Of The Spirits
03. Blood And Gasoline
04. Self Crucifixion
05. Last Supper
06. Warriors Lament
07. Trail Of Tears
08. The Raven Song
09. Forever Will I Roam
10. I Wake Up Screaming
11. House Of Dust
12. Blood Of The Saints
13. Life Among The Ruins
14. The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell
15. Angela’s Castle (bonus track)
16. The Sword Of Damocles (bonus track)


01. A Symphony Of Steele
02. Crown Of Glory (Unscarred)
03. From Chaos To Creation
04. Twilight Of The Gods
05. Rising Unchained
06. Transfiguration
07. Prometheus The Fallen One
08. Emalaith
09. Strawgirl
10. Devil/Angel
11. Unholy Water
12. Victory Is Mine
13. The Marriage Of heaven And Hell (revisited)
14. A Greater Burning Of Innocence (bonus track)
15. Life Among The Ruins – Live (bonus track)
16. I Wake Up Screaming – Live (bonus track)

«Invictus» track listing:


01. The Blood Of vengeance
02. Invictus
03. Mind, Body, Spirit
04. In The Arms Of The Death God
05. Through Blood And Fire
06. Sword Of The Gods
07. God Of Our Sorrows
08. Vow Of Honour
09. Defiance
10. Dust From The Burining
11. Amaranth
12. A Whisper Of Death
13. Dominion Day
14. A Shadow Of Fear
15. «Theme» From The Marriage Of Heaven & Hell
16. Veni, Vidi, Vici

CD2 – Bonus

«Dark Distant Future» Medley #1

01. A Whipser Of Death (Intro)
02. Unholy Water
03. Trail Of Tears

«With Vengeance Divine» Medley #2

04. Rising Unchained
05. Veni, Vidi, Vici
06. Defiance
07. I Will Come For You
08. Victory Is Mine

«Hail The Conguering Hero» Medley #3

09. Serpent’s Kiss (Intro)
10. A Whisper Of Death (Main section of song)
11. Great Sword Of Flame
12. A Whipser Of Death (Reprise)
13. Emalaith
14. The Burning Of Rome
15. Perfect Mansions (Mountains Of The Sun)
16. Do You Walk With God (new song)



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